SANDWICH PLATTERS - Cardiff Area Options

Our Sandwich Platter options are listed below but you can also download our menu and pass it around or email it or, if you're a little more old fashioned like us, just read it! We've made selection easy for you so if you're in a hurry just stick a pin in it and we'll guarantee you'll get lucky.

Sandwich platter menus

Corporate Buffets Cardiff

Platters for Groups - Delivered free in Cardiff

From the Tap Room - Drinks


Food St. Classic No.1 - serves 4-6


Food St. Classic No.2 - serves 4-6


Welsh Occasional Platter - serves 5-6


Fish & Smokery Platter - serves 5-6


Sower/Grower Platter - serves 5-6



Our Price Per Person Drops As Your Function Number Increases…

…so for our latest seasonal menus and best prices either use the form on our website or chat to us direct using the details above!

The above Options are put together to make life a little easier for you when it comes to selection.  If there’s something else you’d like or if you have any special dietary requirements just let us know.